Posted in June 2012

Saturday’s shenanigans

Here is today! I promise it will be less gushy. We had class again at 9:30, until 2pm, and I woke up with my 8:52 alarm but for some reason decided that since they were out so late last night, Michalis must have made class start later. I usually hear people stirring outside, and I … Continue reading

A long ramble about emotions and bugs

Yesterday was a lil weird so I didn’t quite feel like writing, but I’ll fill it all in now! Class was supposed to be from 9:30- 11:30 but the schedule was typoed and it actually went until 2. I don’t know how that’s a possible typo, but it was surprising. Kindof an unwelcomed surprise because … Continue reading

The Scents of Ikaria

Today, we had no class, so we had the day to do whatever we wanted. In the morning, I typed up a Sweetly Musing blog post, and then we went in to Evdilos for a bit. Our project for the day was to talk to locals about life in Ikaria, so we talked to the … Continue reading

Day 2: pasta and an elaborate bladder story

This is my “first for everything” story for the day- i peed in the ocean! (technically sea but whatevs) which is something I’ve always found weird or scary and such. But since I’ve been trying to drink a lot of water so as to not be dehydrated I have to pee every ten minutes. Not … Continue reading

A thought.

This is the third day in a row I’ve worn a striped shirt. Soon I will complete my metamorphosis into a zebra.

Official Start in Ikaria

Today was the first day of class! Granted class was from 5-8pm, so it didn’t feel overwhelmingly school-ish, but it was still good to get education neurons back up and firing. I was super tired this morning as I expected, but we had to get up to have a little meeting about the next two … Continue reading

Things I would have tweeted today

1. Tally of random goats on the side of the road thus far- 8 2. Ate local cheese made from one of those goats’ (or a cousin’s) milk 3. Swam in the Aegean 4. Found 4 cool rocks!!!!

Annnnd I’m Off!

Hi friends and family!! Because I’m assuming it’s only you guys who are reading this. Although if not then hi interweb stranger! Literally about to board but I wanted to have a semblance of something of a real post. Will update in ATHENS aaaahhhhh !!! (Or in destination number 1, Ikaria, depending on wifi)