Official Start in Ikaria

Today was the first day of class! Granted class was from 5-8pm, so it didn’t feel overwhelmingly school-ish, but it was still good to get education neurons back up and firing.

I was super tired this morning as I expected, but we had to get up to have a little meeting about the next two weeks, and we got a schedule which looks fun. Besides classtime, there are things like hiking trips, a group cooking activity, and song practice. This sounds like Sunday school or something but it’s not; in fact, we don’t have class on Sundays. After this 10:30am meeting, I went into a nearby town called Evdilos with Anna and Sveta (ambiguous, but she’s Russian and it starts with an S). Anna was working out details with her car rental, and we ended up staying there for a bit because the lady that runs the business was super nice and was telling us all about the island. Everyone here is super friendly and willing to help you. Knock on wood that I don’t meet a grumpy growler tomorrow. But in general, yes. Afterwards, we drove around another 10 minutes to get to a larger supermarket where we were able to stock up on some food. You technically have to provide food for yourself here at the school which is kinda tricky, just because it’s slightly isolated and there aren’t really any walkable places you can just pop by if you’re super hungry. But the supermarket trip was definitely helpful, besides just being so wonderful in the first place because supermarkets are so cool. Let alone GREEK supermarkets. I’m still fascinated.

We got back around 2, I had a bite to eat, and then took a nap for around an hour because my eyeballs were not feelin it anymore. Plus, I feel like all Europeans sleep all afternoon anyway, so I’m fine with it. Then I talked to my jetsetting parents on the phone for a few min as they’re leaving Russia to go to Stockholm, and then it was time for class! We met the teachers, one of whom I met at the festival last night and had no idea that she was affiliated with us. Sometimes I miss things. Class today was a little bit easy, but I think that’s just because we spend so much time in class at Yale with grammar and such, so once we move past that it’ll probably be a bit more fresh.

Class ended up running until around 8:30. At 9, we headed out for “dinner” (my tummy does not agree with Europe. I just will never understand) to a nearby souvlaki place that the main teacher guy in charge (Michalis, for future reference) was going to bring us to. Turns out it was closed though, so we just went to a nearby taverna which was super delicious. It was basically the same style as dinner last night- a lot of different food and drink for only 9 euros each. I was super glad to be home by 12:30 and able to go to bed after how late last night was. Although Michalis just came in and told me he’s going to knock on the door at 3 to let someone come in and sleep? Really unsure. Again, sometimes I miss things. There’s someone from last session leaving on a boat at 2am and someone coming in a day late for this session so it has something to do with that- either the new girl is moving in, or the roommate of the girl that’s leaving, if the new girl had signed up for a single. Doesn’t really matter either way to me, I’m sure it’ll make a bit more sense tomorrow. It’d be cool for it to be the roommate of the leaving girl though, she’s an 18 year old from Norway and is very much the closest in age to me. In reality I just need a nice, long sleep but whatevs. I suppose I can nap tomorrow afternoon again!

Oh also, the stars are so so so so wonderful here. It’s amazing. Like the type of stars when you can see full on milky way. Like you’re staring down a really dusty candy aisle at the supermarket (BAD analogy I apologize). It reminds me of what the summer sky was like up at camp in the Adirondacks, and it’s what I like to imagine Vermont looks like. Unphotographable, like many other joys of life, (DEEP) so instead I’m attaching a picture of some of the pretty Greek groceries (undeep) like a loaf of bread, pasta, and a peach juice thing. Ολικής άλεσης means whole grains. I think. And σπαγγέτι is spaghetti. Which I don’t actually super enjoy but it was Greek looking!!! So I’m going to make it with lots of tomatoes to forget about how long and swiggly it is. I also bought some oatmeal for breakfast! Quaker guy is so pretty next to Greek letters!! And presumably tasty. But updates on that front will have to come later.


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