Day 2: pasta and an elaborate bladder story

This is my “first for everything” story for the day- i peed in the ocean! (technically sea but whatevs) which is something I’ve always found weird or scary and such. But since I’ve been trying to drink a lot of water so as to not be dehydrated I have to pee every ten minutes. Not so different from before but still. Greece is not like America in which there are fast food places every 2 km to satisfy small bladders, so when we were down by the beach I had no other choice. Actually…I must rephrase. I think I peed in the water. It’s really hard to tell and “this is not a potty” mechanisms kick in. On second thought, i might not have actually because when I got out of the water I still was in physical bladder pain so I went for a “stroll” and found a casual bush off the beaten path a lil bit which did the trick.

In other news, I am currently eating the best peach I’ve ever tasted. I think it has more to do with the fact that it was refrigerated, rather than being from Greece. Also, it was probably actually imported. But so tasty!

Okay. 8 hours later. Oh, and update- they do indeed grow peaches here! I can now justify my claim of it being super wonderful. So before the beach, at 10 am Michalis showed us slides all about the island, with historical and geographical facts and lots of awesome pictures. It was actually really, really fascinating. And then driving down to the beach later, we saw in person everything he was talking about, which is awesome. From the fire dancers the other night to this, I’m really learning that seeing is believing, and it’s such a cool feeling.

We again had class from 5-8pm which was fun and went pretty quickly and afterwards, the Italian woman who’s here (still must give a character list) cooked us all pasta in a delicious tomato/feta sauce, with a Greek salad, white wine, and cantaloupe/honeydew (whichever the green one is) for dessert. It’s a thing here to just serve some kind of melon or other fruit after dinner, like the way they give fortune cookies at Chinese places or those weird ambiguous mints (aka ambigumints) at diners. Last night at the taverna, they brought out pears for everyone. It was so so so delicious, as one would expect from the italians, and I am pleased.

Oh, and I do indeed have a roommate now- her name is Liz, she is from England but now lives in thessaloniki, and is probably about 60? Idk, I’m bad at that. She’s snoring currently. Not bothering me though, it’s actually kind of nice- it feels like its just Grace as my roommate (hi grace) (sorry grace) (love u) I’m off to sleep! There’s no class tomorrow so we’re going on some type of excursion. Not sure of what yet, but will update!

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