A jam packed day (better than jelly packed amirite)

We were back to class today! And a whole lot of it- from 9:30am to 2pm. Although I’m finding that it goes super quickly, which is nice because it means I’m actually zoned in for most of it. Today was nice because it wasn’t super hot, and there was a really nice breeze in the morning. After class, I had a snack, and we went down to the beach. There were ginormous waves though because of all the waves, so we didn’t really go swimming. Ikaria doesn’t really have bays, just the coastline itself is the beach, so there were waves everywhere. This was a sand beach though so it was nice t just relax there for a bit. There was a little freshwater area though with 3 cows (lolwut) and lots of turtles!!!! They were so cute and I have a new affinity for turtles. Also the word itself. I dare anyone to say turtle 3 times without smiling/chuckling/both. We left around 5, stopped in the supermarket in evdilos, and headed home. I bought 5 apricots and promptly ate 3 of them. So lil and so juicy!!!!

We didn’t have anything planned until 8 so I thought maybe I’d go for a walk because although it had warmed up, it wasn’t as unbearable as the past couple days. Then I figured I might as well run so I did a nice little walk/run, a la yesterday. I have a nice system of running downhill, turning around and running uphill for a bit when I feel too lame, and then after a few seconds deciding I’m too tired and turn around again. Then, when I feel like I’ve gone far enough, I turn around and walk back up the mountain to the school. It’s a wonderful method and requires minimum energy. Donkey friend was not there today but I saw lots of little goats!

At 8, we had a Greek dancing lesson! Someone named Kostas came and taught us traditional Ikarian dances. It was such a beautiful night, and the dancing was so much fun- definitely one of the highlights so far. I told him how there’s always dancing at the Greek Easter celebrations and I think he was semi impressed by that! High five to the Hellenic society.

Afterwards, around 10, I went with a few of the people here, plus Kostas, our teacher (Argiro) and her cousin to the taverna that we were at yesterday, the one owned by her aunt. It was really great to sit around the table with all these different people, and so casual to just go out and eat and drink with someone who recently spent 4.5 hours teaching you. And even though I am such an anti-supporter of eating late, I had a little bit to eat (which was of course delicious) since I realized 3 apricots, a carrot, and a piece of bread doesn’t really qualify as dinner. Especially not for a growing gurl such as myself. It was such a typical taverna experience, and is super close to what I always imagined greece would be like. We have class at 9:30 again tomorrow though…definitely going to pencil in a nap, because there’s another of those festival type things from the first day, and we’re going to get to put our new dancing skills to work!

I think I had something funny to say but I forget it. Classic. Probably was also not humorous at all. Also classic. Time for bed, clearly.

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