Saturday’s shenanigans

Here is today! I promise it will be less gushy. We had class again at 9:30, until 2pm, and I woke up with my 8:52 alarm but for some reason decided that since they were out so late last night, Michalis must have made class start later. I usually hear people stirring outside, and I heard absolutely no one even up til like 9:20ish, and then at 9:30 he indeed rang the bell that meant it was time for class. So I got out of bed, put on da clothing, and went to class. Twas fine, nothing uneventful- one day I’ll write about what we typically do in class.

Anna apparently wakes up at 6 every morning and does yoga, and our teacher, Argiro, was fascinated by that and wanted to do yoga. So when class ended we did some yoga outside- hilarity ensued, so I snapped a few pictures (photographs!! The world exists here!!)


Also here is a picture of our two teachers! Mine is the one on the left, Argiro, and Vani is on the right.


Michalis then decided that yoga is better with wine, or “mountain iced tea” as he called it, so he brought out his apple-juice pitcher looking ish bottle of wine. I sat and talked for a bit with Anna and Loles, the Spanish one, who I really like but is leaving tomorrow. It was nice to sit and chat for a bit. At around 3:30 I went up to my room, wrote that other blog post, and had something to eat.

Then I skyped with Noah for a bit, who is also cute and silly, but is not a donkey. Afterwards, I went out for a run/walk/picture taking stroll to get some shots of the nice view, and came back and showered. We were supposed to have a conversation class from 8-9:30 but I have no idea where everyone is. And it’s 8:30. lolz. Although I do hear the Italians. The others had gone in a couple trips down to the beach when I was Skyping/running so I decided not to go, so hopefully they will return soon. Otherwise I will have to have conversation all by myself! Which is not something I am quite unaccustomed to doing, but still. Oh I hear cars! Okey will finish later pCe

Okay! They arrived back and we had the conversation class- in which we just played that game where you put a post it on someone’s forehead and they guess who it is, asking questions in Greek. We had a theme going of giving the Italian a famous Italian person, giving the French guy Charles de Gaulle…mine was a goat. Just gonna leave it at that. Afterwards, we went to a taverna for dinner-the same as the one we went to on the first day. Still not a fan of eating at 11 but dats okay. We have a mountain hike/walk tomorrow so I can walk off the impending tummy ache. Plus, it was as delicious as the first day, so definitely worth it!

I’m now headed to bed because we have to get up early to hike so it isn’t super hot. It’ll be cool to see another area of Ikaria!

Side notes goats really, really, really do say “baaaa.” It is sounding throughout the mountain now. They probably have some secret communist army going on. I say that both because they are sneaky looking and because there actually are a lot of communists on Ikaria. And maybe partly because I am reading 1984. But I digress.

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