Honey, ouzo, and friendship

It’s hard to believe, but today was the second to last full day here at the school! I woke up a little extra early to finish my homework from yesterday that I hadn’t done, and then had class from 9:30-2. Afterwards, I had a little bit of leftovers from last night, and then took a nap because my tummy felt weird. I think it was because I was packin in random raisins during class because I was for some reason ravishingly hungry by 11:30. It happens. Also I was sleepy because I had itchy bug bites keeping me up all night. Speaking of bugs there is a millipede in the bathroom and Liz is sleeping and I don’t want to hang out with it so I just closed the door and am pretending it’s not there. Flawed plan because now I’m thinking about it again. I mean, thinking of what?! Nothing there! No 100000 little legs waiting for me for one of my 5 middle of the night pee breaks!

…moving on. We went to the beach at 4:30- and it was by far the absolute best the ocean has been here so far. It was a very hot, still day so there were absolutely no waves. The water was super clear and swimming in it was almost like swimming in a pool. That helped wake me up a bit, because I was still kindof feeling like I could sleep all day.

Then we came back because Michalis had planned an excursion for 6pm- there’s a cool, old monastery nearby which has a beautiful sunset view and delicious loukomades (Greek donut-esque things soaked in honey and cinnamon). It’s towards Raches, where I’ll be next week, so it’s in the forest area of the island. Driving there felt like a drive through the Adirondacks. The sunset was indeed super lovely, and the loukomades were a tasty dinner. You could watch the lady as she made them, in this little outdoor shack thing. As usual- everyone was wonderfully friendly.

We stopped in Evdilos on the way back and sat by the harbor in the town and had a drink. It was my first official ouzo in Greece! So exciting. Even though also quasi repulsive. It’s not that bad when you water it down though. This actually ended up being an amazing evening- I had such good conversation with Vilda, Maria, and Giselle. It was basically a girl talk session that spanned 3 generations and was at once hilarious, insightful, and inspirational. It was basically about how traveling is exciting, especially when you’re young, and how anything can happen and life is what you make it to be, etc. Giselle is so full of life and it’s so hard to put her into words- but she talked about how she went to Brazil when she was 23, meant to stay for 45 days, and loved it so much that she stayed for 5 years. That’s also where she met her husband Paulo, who is Italian, not Brazilian, so they went back to Italy. We then talked about Greek vs. Italian men, since Vilda and I share the desire to marry a nice Greek boy. Giselle said they’re all gross but Maria insisted otherwise- so we all sat staring out at the street, sizing up every man that walked by to see if we could find one good enough for Giselle.

It was one of those conversations that even though I’ll forget the exact words (already am starting to) the general themes will stick with you for a long time to come. A lovely way to spend our second to last night! I just brushed my teeth super well to scrub off the entire bees nest worth of honey that I consumed and now I’m headed to bed!

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