Stage one: complete

I am currently sitting in Diane Kochilas’ home, the chef whose Greek cooking class I’ll be assisting with for the next week. This means that I’ve officially finished my time at the school in Arethousa, and thus a third done with the entire journey.

Yesterday, we had class, I packed, and then we went swimming. In the evening, we sang some Greek songs, did a bit of dancing, and then went to a taverna for a ridiculously late (~11pm) dinner. Not everyone went, but I figured it was the last night so I should spend time with them. It was a nice last day, and though I was sad to be leaving, I felt generally ready to move on to the next part.

Looking back, I have done a whole lot in the past 2 weeks. I was a lot more comfortable the second week than the first, but I met so many people, goats, and roads that I never could have imagined existed. Even though classes were a bit on the easy side, I got a lot of practice speaking and learning about the culture first hand. I got to live not as a guest, but as one of the locals. I had a roommate who killed my centipedes for me. I went to supermarkets where you don’t ever have to question whether or not something is “local.” I had my first Mamma Mia moment. I talked to strangers. I ate fruit from trees. I ran, walked, danced, hiked, and swam. And I made friends and acquaintances from all over the world.

One thing I’ve learned about myself, or more so confirmed, is that I don’t handle changing locations well. I haven’t even been gone from the school for 5 hours and I’m already feeling lost, despite sitting in a wonderful home with super nice people. I think evolution has brought me as far away from being a nomad as possible. Maybe that will change after having to do it 4 times now, but maybe it won’t. And that’s okay. Because this trip is about learning, which includes learning about myself, whether it’s a good or bad quality.

I’ll be staying in a room in a house across the street. I’m not sure if there’s internet over there so posts may be sporadic or may not happen, so if that’s the case then I will definitely update when the week is over!

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