Something like a greek [Sat. 7/7]

A “transition day” was how my sister phrased what today was- which is really the best way to put it. I was realllly feeling uneasy in the evening, not really sparked by anything except my own tendencies to freak out when faced with the unknown. The house I’m staying in does indeed not have wifi, which I’m fine with in terms of survival, it just makes me feel even more disconnected because I can’t just go write off an email when I’m feeling alone. Which also means I can’t post at will, but I can go over to Diane’s almost whenever, so these will all just be published with a bit of a delay. Anyway, I called my parents, let it all out, and felt a bit better. There was a plan for the night though- the baker’s daughter was getting married, and there was a huge, 700 people wedding for it. And we were going. Mamma Mia moment #2. Actually! Number 3, because when I stopped at the supermarket with Diane on the way to her house today, Gimme Gimme Gimme was playing on the stereo system.

I was a little nervous for this big event considering I would know zero people and didn’t want to lose Diane/the other assistant but it actually ended up being pretty fun. Weddings here are like Panigiris, where they eat, drink, and dance until the sun rises and past it. We found Diane’s sister and her husband and sat with them. It was so interesting to sit there and watch all the dancing and everything. Also there were big bottles of water which I was happy about because I drank not very much h2o today and was feeling in desperate need of water. The wedding was in the big town square, and it seemed like everyone was there. Also some people were definitely wearing bathing suits under their clothing. Probably their definition of semi-formal.

After a while of watching, I decided to get up and dance, both because I love the Greek dancing and because my butt was severely aching from the wooden benches. At one point I was dancing alongside a 14 year old girl who struck up a conversation with me a little bit, and seemed really surprised when I told her I was from America. And she was also shocked when I told her I was 19, although I’m not really sure why about that one. I hope it means I look 13 rather than 30. Although Jennifer Garner was both! Eventually she said “___ σαν Έλληνας,” which means “you __ like a Greek person.” Only problem- I have NO idea what the relevant verb was that she said. It would have made sense if it was “dance,’ but that’s χορεύεις and it definitely didn’t sound like that. And clearly it probably had nothing to do with my listening skills.

But whatever it was, I felt really complete in that moment. I had done something that made me seem like a local. Which to me is one of the main goals in traveling somewhere long term- you don’t want to go and keep living the same way you did back home; might as well have just stayed there. You want to become one with the people in order to really see how they live and understand their culture. I by no means feel like I’ve undergone some massive, complete transition (there’s that word again) but I do feel that this means I must have accomplished something in the past two weeks.

On a less deep note- I just killed the shit out of a large bug.

One thought on “Something like a greek [Sat. 7/7]

  1. Well you have me laughing again! You can kill the crap out of a large bug, but a centipede or was it millipede you ran from ??? You are too funny! Maybe the missing verb was “party” or “enjoy life”… either of those would fit nicely. The Greeks seem to have a way of leaving all their troubles behind when it comes time to be festive and it can be truly intoxicating. I hope you are taking more pictures than what has been posted here. Would love to see the country.

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