Beez in the trap [Tues. 7/10]

Not trap, but channeling Nicki Minaj. Is this the second time I’ve started a post like this? Don’t remember. But something tells me yes. Anyway! This morning, the people were going on an excursion to the local beekeeper, and then to see him make honey. Diane asked if I wanted to join, which I was super happy about, since I wrote a final paper about Greek honey last semester. He’s an 80 year old man who dances like he’s a quarter of his age (which I witnessed at the wedding), charms the ladies like he’s half his age, and has been tending bees for 60 years. The little bee-house boxes are located out in the forest, in a place that could easily be upstate NY or something, with a random ocean backdrop.

He took some boards that were ready to be made to honey, and we drove to his little workshop where he makes it. We got to see the whole process- they use a hot electrical blade that takes off the wax part, then it goes into a centrifuge, and as the honey comes out into a big tin, he strains it. Bees make different types of honey depending on what they eat, so he had a few different kinds- we tasted heather honey, thyme honey, and pine/flower honey, which is the one he made in front of our eyes. It was the most delicious honey I’ve ever tasted, but I especially loved the heather honey- it had the consistency of peanut butter but was sweeter and yummier. I can now completely sympathize with Pooh Bear’s cravings for honey. Afterwards, we stopped in the larger of the nearby villages for some tiropitas/other little pies.

I walked back down to their house because one of the people who had driven up had left earlier, so we were short on room. It’s not that far, but it was super hot, and I was in pants, which is something I don’t even like doing in appropriate pants weather. Mom you would be proud, someone stopped to ask if I needed a ride and I turned them down. You would be less proud though to know that I may have accepted had I not been right around the corner from their village or had he offered me candy. Hitchhiking is actually pretty normal here, and people always stop to ask where you’re going and will take you because since there’s just one main road really, they’re likely to be going past where you’re headed.

I got home, took off my pants, and then went back across to Diane’s house. After putting on a skirt. I then had lunch the sequel, because savory pies aren’t my fave, so I saved room to have some leftovers back here. We aren’t starting to prepare things for tonight until 4:30, so I have a nice bit of time to chill, since it’s only 3. I think I’m gonna read some Anna Karenina and take a nap or something. Or catch up on my crossword puzzles. Speaking of which! I saw a Greek xword puzzle book up in the village. So. Cool.

Resume. I am le tired. Though the people came again a bit after 6, we didn’t start cooking until 7, because people were chillin/drinking wine/talking/etc. Tonight’s menu: meletzosalata (eggplant salad) with capers, tomatoes, and other stuff, fava (two types- one with a caper topping Santorini-style, and one with some of last night’s octopus on top), goat in a stew with greens and avgolemono, baked zucchini fritters, and bread. It was Aegean island themed, and for dessert we had almond-meal cookie things in rosewater and confectioner’s sugar. Basically, every night is like a giant dinner party I’m realizing- wine, convos, food, and lots of dishes. But it’s nice to be around the people, and constantly cooking, and trying to be helpful. Tomorrow morning we wake up early to go to goats (a goaterie? goatermarket? goatland?) where we’ll gather milk and make cheese!

One thought on “Beez in the trap [Tues. 7/10]

  1. Abby, it sounds like a Gastro Wonderland. Maybe you can start a theme park. At the least you will know how to give great dinner parties! The kitchen eagerly awaits your return! Mom

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