Life with 10 children [Mon. 7/9]

..would be quite difficult. So, so many mouths to feed. I think they should give those people annual awards. Although I still dream of transplanting myself as the mom in Cheaper by the Dozen. But anyway, I say this because tonight was so crazy- we weren’t doing all the cooking ourselves (it was much more hands on for the people) but from prep to help to dishes..oh boy. But so fun! I am getting ahead of myself though.

We came to the house at around 9, finished up the cleanup from the previous night, and had some breakfast. Then, Lizanna went to get groceries for the night’s lesson, and I went with Diane down to the hotel where the students are staying where she was doing a cheese tasting for the guests. It was cool to hear her talk about the different cheeses- I learned a cool fact but I completely forget it now. Oops. Maybe it’ll come back to me one day.

Then we came back, and she gave us a list of things to prep. Noms for tonight- taramosalata (a fish roe dip), Naxos potato salad, grilled octopus, keftedes (baby meatballs), the leftover tzatziki, tiropita (baby cheese pies), and another type of pie that had some kind of cured meat in it. There wasn’t much to do at the moment, most of the stuff we were going to do when we came back at 4, so I left, took a lil nap, and went for a run. Quasi the hottest part of the day which was not advisable but it was windyish which was fine. I was then locked out because Lizanna had taken the key out of the door, but I didn’t want to wake her up so after a futile break-in attempt I just explored the lady’s garden for a bit- she has so much growing, it’s incredible.

We went back at 4 and took everything out- here’s a picture of the prepared ingredients! I crumbled that feta on the right, wo0o0o0oo0 skillz.


The students arrived a bit after 6 and got working. There were a lot of parts to the meal, so it took a while. At one point DIane asked me to run up to the village and tell her son to come home soon for dinner, and I got up there and saw kids playing but he was nowhere in sight- so I had a conversation, in Greek, with a few 8ish year olds who tried to help me find him, and then I ended up just leaving a message with them. It was mentally exhausting but was cool. I ended up running into him on my way back to the house, he had gone down a different way, but still.

It’s cool getting to watch the people assemble things; they seem to really be enjoying it. It’s a bit crowded with the 10 of them, but Lizanna and I help to keep the flow going by washing dishes super quickly as needed, getting stuff from the fridge, and stuff like that. Dinner was soo tasty, and I was definitely hungry after all that hard work. The octopus might have actually been my favorite thing. Also it was so pretty! And so 8 legged. Clean up was a bit ridiculous but we got through it. This all sounds kindof uneventful but there really was a lot going on today. Maybe I’m forgetting things. But all in all, a success of a Monday!

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