Stage two: complete (Fri. 7/13)

zomzomgzomg Friday the 13th!!! Except in Greece, apparently the day of spooky is Tuesday the 13th. So I should be good. Today marks the last official day of the cooking class- I’ll still be here tomorrow, but it’s just an in-between day because I fly out early Sunday morning.

This morning, we drove out to the natural hot springs on the other side of the island. The drive was not super pleasant, since it’s been ridiculously hot here (~95 by 10am) and it was around an hour and a half away. At one point the air blowing in from the window straight up felt like a hair dryer in my face. But it was totally worth it once we got there- the water is sooo nice. You would think that it would be undesirable to sit in a zone of water that is as warm as someone just peed in it (but we know that person wouldn’t be me because that’s a skill I lack) but it feels so nice. The water is supposed to be healing, and a lot of people come and bathe there for cures for rheumatoid stuff and use the mud on the rocks to make your skin nice. The water is SO SALTY THERE omg. I drank a lil bit of it and had instant regrets. And it makes your hair feel like straw. Which was kinda cool. My hair tasted like potato chips.

We stayed in the water for about half an hour, after which point all my problems were magically cured and I felt 30 years younger. -10 is a nice age, let me tell you. I did get a pretty cool scratch down my entire calf though, because there are secretly sharp barnacles there. About half of us were dripping in blood upon getting out, because you don’t realize when you’re in the water. I must say though, I put some of the mud on it afterwards, and it didn’t hurt one bit until I showered later and took the mud off.

Afterwards, we drove back via Agios Kyrikos, the capital of the island, and stopped for lunch in a taverna. We took a little time to walk around afterwards which was nice, because I hadn’t been there. I went into a tiny little bakery with Diane and the guy who ran it was actually originally from Ohio, and he recognized Diane and was SO excited, because apparently his wife basically used her cookbooks to learn to cook. It was adorbs. Also I bought a DVD of Sleeping Beauty in Greek for like 2 euros. Quality purchase and I’m so excited to watch it.

Pickup tonight was at 7 to give people some time to relax, since we didn’t get back til around 4. I went and showered so that I didn’t look like I had wrestled a pig after a rainstorm. Dinner was gonna be light and easy, just some fish soup, giant beans, and a salad, but one of the women REALLY wanted to make moussaka (it was the original plan but Diane thought it would just be too much) so we decided to make it anyway. She has a DELICIOUS moussaka recipe so no one minded that we ended up eating around 11:30ish. We also had a lemon cake thing from the village because it’s one of the ladies’ 60th bday on Tuesday. It was a really nice last night, and it was sad saying bye to all the people! They were such a nice group and helped make some pretty wonderful food! Wonderful end to a wonderful week. More reflections tomorrow, but for now it’s bedtime.

One thought on “Stage two: complete (Fri. 7/13)

  1. Hi Abby, So glad your week was so worthwhile. Sounds like a wonderful island and one that someday I will have to visit… maybe even do the class! Can’t wait to hear how the last week farming turns out. Say hi to your family when you reach Turkey. Enjoy!! Love, Uncle John

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