Abby Does Turkey (Sun. 7/15)

Today was basically a travel day- leaving Greece for the time being to go to Istanbul and Izmir with my family for a week! I was picked up by the taxi right at 5, which was good, because I was a lil nervous as to what I would do if it didn’t show up. The drive to the airport was so pretty because the moon is doing one of those cool align-with-planet things, and it was at a perfect height in the sky. I was fighting a battle with my eyeballs and instructing them to stay open, but they eventually won that fight and when I woke up the sun was rising. Which was equally lovely! I missed the part where we crossed the mountains and was really confused when the sun was rising in the west, but then I figured it out. It was rising right behind the mountainy shadows of the Fourni islands- a lovely way to say goodbye to Ikaria.

I was literally the first person in the airport. lolz. Actually there was one worker there. My flight was at 7:50, but I got there by around 6:20 so it was a lil bit early. I just sat there, grappled with extreme hunger which I couldn’t figure out because the last thing I had done was eat dinner, and waited. Eventually at around 7 they opened the place where you check your bag, and then went around to open security. It’s a super tiny airport. There were I think around 6 people on the plane. It was slightly uncomfy because I was reallllly tired but the sun was coming right in through the window so I was simultaneously thirsty, and also had to pee, and yea. Classic. Oh and when the plane landed, naturally I started moving around to stand up…until I realized we were in Limnos. Thank you to the woman sitting and to whatever ability to speak Greek I have, otherwise I may be in Limnos still. Since when have airplanes turned into buses with wings.

I did finally make it to Thessaloniki though, where my roommate Liz from the school in Arethousa met me with her grandson. She drove me around the city just to see the big sights, and I got to see an arch that I studied in Roman Art last year which was internally fun, and then she took me to her house and gave me tasty cherries and water. The fundamental needs. She had to leave at noon for something, so took me back to the airport then, but it was really nice to get out for a bit and to see the city, especially since my next flight wasn’t until 3:40. I posted up in the airport for a bit, walked around to entertain myself, tried drinking coffee which was dumb on many levels because then I got on the plane and had to pee the whole time. But it was a pretty short flight, only about an hour long.

We landed, I waited to get the visa sticker in my passport (which is pretty!), went through passport control, got my bag, blah blhahablah and then met the guy who was waiting to drive me to the hotel. It was a gigantic vehicle with smushy seats and window shades, aka a hearse but large, and I was the only one in it. Slightly feared for my life on the drive over but I made it. Istanbul is so fascinating. It was a bit overwhelming at first because I literally have not seen this many people in one place in 3 weeks. I felt like a country child seeing large buildings for the first time. Who am I. My fan was still out when I got to the room but I collapsed on my bed and waited for them. Moving was not an option anymore, I am not at all used to not sleeping. Then we went to dinner, came back, I showed them Greece through pictures, and am about to ptfo.

It’s really nice to be with my family, and to have familiar faces around. I do miss Greece though! I’m excited to see Istanbul. And eating here will be like eating in the Istanbul Cafe every day, aka my favorite New Haven restaurant. Okay must zZzZz!

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