Day 1 in Istanbul! (Mon. 7/16)

I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to keep updating in Turkey since I’m with the fam now, but I’m fairly confident other people besides my mom and dad read this occasionally so I decided I will. Although internet in this hotel is kinda fickle/nonexistant so again posts will be at weird times. The game plan for Turkey is we’re spending 2.5 days in Istanbul, and then flying in to Izmir to go see Ephesus/spend some time on the beach.

We woke up a lil bit late, went downstairs for breakfast, and then headed out. We first went to the Topkapi Palace, which is ginormous and old and pretty. It’s where lots of sultans lived once upon a time and there’s also a big harem there. Also I’m pretty sure I’m going to suffer death by bathroom at some point because apparently Turkey has not figured out plumbing yet, water drips from every possible place ever and the floors are wet and slippery. Also my shoes are >6 years old and have no traction but still. They should accommodate that.

Afterwards, we had lunch/lemonade (which was perfect because it was so so so hot omg) and then went to the Blue Mosque, which is big and famous. And blue. It’s still an active mosque (aka not a museum like the Hagia Sophia) but visitors are allowed to go in as long as you cover up/take your shoes off. It’s really cool and big inside, but I only stayed inside for a little big because ventilation wasn’t a thing and I didn’t want the possibility of passing out. It was awkward enough of an experience to pass out in a castle in Denmark that one time, so I assume it would be similarly uncomfortable passing out in a mosque in Turkey. Alternatively I could collect cool places to pass out. But still. Afterwards, it was around 4, and we came back to the hotel and i napped/excercised/showered/and read a lil bit before we left again.

Then we had dinner with someone my dad knows from work and his wife in a traditional Turkish place about 10 minutes away. It was yummy and we had tea. They have a cool dish where they roast a lamb or a chicken stuffed with rice for a couple hours in a big wood burning stove, coat it with a big thing of rock salt, light it on fire, and then they use a hammer and chip off the salt. A lot of effort to get food but it was tasty so I suppose it’s worth it.

Now we are back and I’m going to read some 1984 (it’s starting to get slightly enjoyable) and go to bed!

2 thoughts on “Day 1 in Istanbul! (Mon. 7/16)

  1. Hi Abby! So glad the updates are continuing as we have definitely been enjoying reading along! Enjoy every minute and say hi to Mom, Das, and Jenny!

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