A relaxing day (Thurs. 7/19)

We woke up so nice and late this morning! Breakfast is served from 9-11:30 so you know that you’re supposed to sleep late. We sat on comfy chairs near the pool and they brought us bread, cherries, cheese, butter topped with honey, and a tomato salad. A classifiable brunch rather than breakfast. But it was charming. The hotel in the daylight is just as nice as in the nighttime. It’s so pretty! I’ll try and remember to take a picture tomorrow. There are basically 1 or 2 girls working here that speak English and every time they speak in English they giggle and it’s adorable.

After breakfast, I showered because that had not happened super recently, and then my dad did some work while we got ready to go to the beach. We casually took a very long time to do so and left around 1:30. It was nearby though. It was so nice to go swimming! The water stays super shallow, like a little above knee height, for a long ways out. And there were a lot of mini waves because it was very windy. Very different from my Greek Aegean experiences, but it was still refreshing and lots of fun.

It was nice to just sit on the beach and relax for a bit after our recent days of mega tourism. And tomorrow we’re going to Ephesus so that’s going to be a lot of walking! We came back around 5:30, I had shower #2 (making up for lost time) and then endeavored in doing some laundry with my mom. Somehow I thought two more weeks on just one pair of underwear left would not be super comfy or hygienic.

Then we went to dinner at this adorable place that served local Aegean food. It’s on one of the side streets and a bit farther down, so it’s a bit of an escape from the crazy crowded streets in Alacati. The hostess came over and told us to go into the kitchen, where we got to see everything that was prepared that day and decide what we wanted. It was SO tasty and definitely my favorite meal since being in Turkey so far! It reminded me a lot of being in a Greek taverna. We are pretty close to Greece now though, so that makes sense. Walking back to the hotel took forever because of how busy the streets are- it’s as though everyone in Turkey decided this is the place to be at this very time. It’s a weird combination of small French town/Cape Cod/the Hamptons/classy Jersey shore, but all in Turkish. Luckily the hotel is sort of on the edge though, so it’s not loud here which I enjoy for sleeping purposes. Now I’m off to bed- lots of walking and eyeball engagement to do tomorrow!

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