Ephesus! (Fri. 7/20)

Today we woke up early ish so that we could get a nice start on the day- we were going to drive out and see the ancient city of Ephesus! We decided to rent a guide for the day, or as I like to call it knowledge prostitution, to help show us around. She was very nice, and was actually the cousin of the hotel owner. We had breakfast with her at the hotel and then headed out for the 1.5 hour ish drive. She told us a lot about Turkey on the drive which I think was interesting but since it was a car, by definition I was asleep for most of it.

Ephesus was so so so cool. It’s amazing how much of it is preserved after all these years, and after how many people walk through it every day. It wasn’t too crowded, which was nice, but it was indeed hot. We saw really old toilets which are literally 5 inches apart from each other on a long bench with no walls between. People would sit and chat and make business plans which is where the phrase “go do one’s business” comes from. I’m glad this is the most significant part I took out of this giant archaeological site. But the rest of it was really cool too. I also enjoyed the peach and ice pop lunch I had afterward.

We got back to the hotel around 4 and went and sat near the pool and went swimming. At 5 they brought us tea and teacakes which was adorable. And surprisingly, hot tea when it’s 95 degrees is not that bad. It maybe even cools you off a lil bit. At 7:30ish we went for a walk around the town, and then came back for a tasty dinner at the restaurant that’s right adjacent to the hotel. It was nice to be right there after an adventuring day, even though it involved 3 hours of car sleeping. That’s hard work sometimes.

Here is a picture of the hotel! The building is where our rooms were. And the pool is where the swimming was.


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