Stage three: complete (Sun. 7/22)

I am realizing that between Turkey and Greece, no matter what I do my life decisions always lead me back to a Thanksgiving dinner.

Anyway. Today’s original plan was to wake up early, have breakfast with Jenny who had to be at the airport by 9, and go see a cool palace. However, i was super tired and kind of just wanted to relax a bit, so instead I got up at 10:15, had breakfast with my parents, did not very much for a few hours (besides lol at my mom waiting in front of the hotel room window watching every plane take off and try and find Jenny’s plane) and then take a lil stroll down the street. Then we went to the exercise room at 3 and then swimming outside. Definitely a nice, relaxing day. They brought me over to the airport on the 6pm shuttle, departed, I traveled, etc, I’m in Athens now in the airport hotel.

Something fun is that they gave us brunch on the flight over. As well as newspapers and gummy candy. It said “brunch” on my boarding pass and I was super confused because it was a one hour flight leaving at 9:20pm. I was a nonbeliever but it truly happened. Europe is bizarre.

So now after a nice vacation with my family I’m back on my own and about to embark on the last part of the journey- WWOOFing on Lipsi, a tiny Dodecanese island in Greece. I’m currently sitting on my bed trying to pep talk myself into being able to do this last stretch. If anyone would like to contribute to the pep talk cause, feel free. I know I’ll be fine and will have fun but now that it’s so close to the end I just want to be back home. But half of me is also really excited to be back in Greece and doing something new. I think mostly I’m just really getting tired of traveling. But it’s okey, all part of the adventure. Plus I’m not as freak out ish as the other times I was moving around so it’s a step! Tomorrow I tackle Greek ferries for the first time so we’ll see how that goes. Unsure if I’ll have Internet on the farm but if I do I’ll be sure to update!

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