First day in Lipsi, take two (Mon. 7/23)

I think that was a sign that I should have not bothered to type what happened to me every second of the day. It was pretty long. Will redo now. Okay so, woke up in Athens, planed to Leros where of course I slept the whole ride, and then went to the port to wait for my ferry to Lipsi. I had no idea where the port was because the internet just couldn’t make up its mind between two different places, so I asked the taxi driver and even though I could only understand 40% of what he was saying to me I trusted his judgement. So I sat there for the 2 hours of time I had to kill and waited, and sure enough it was the right place. Woot. The boat ride was not bad!! Mainly because it was only 20 minutes and the whole time I just pretended that it was a super long bridge and I was on a bus. But still.

Kostas, the guy who’s farm I’m on, met me at the port with his motorbike, and managed to fit me, my suitcase, my backpack, and him all on it to get back to the farm. Precarious situation to experience my first motorbike ride but it was so fun!! It was a combination between a convertible and a bicycle. I channeled Maxwell and weee’d all the way there. Internally though because I thought doing so externally would make an awkward first impression. The farm is so lovely! There are grape vines, orange and lemon and olive and fig trees, lots of small plants, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and flowers, and 2 chickens, 5 goats, 2 lambs WHO ARE SO FLUFFY I want them in my bed, a horse, a donkey that gets bullied by the horse, 7 cats including adorable baby kittens who are adorable, and approx 4.5 billion flies. They are all cute except for the flies. Right now all the kittens are sitting variously in like a 3 sq foot area all licking their paws in the same way and it is the cutest thing ever. If only we could freeze dry them so they’d never become cats. But anyway. It’s rustic but comfortable- I’m in a room with 3 other American girls (one pair of friends and another girl) who all just graduated college. As well as them there is a 30 something year old from Italy and 2 Danish girls. Everyone is nice and so far they’ve been great company to be around.

I was redonkulously hungry when I got here so I was quite happy when Kostas gave me some lunch and a little tour of the place. Then I went to the beach with a couple girls which was SO NICE omg. The ocean is actually right over this little hill and you can get there in less than a minute if you book it. And the water is still and super clear so I was able to actually swim in it like a pool. I went out and explored the coastline a bit but got scared and turned around when I saw a school of fish. Who were each approx an inch long so upon reflection I’m not sure why I chose flight instead of fight. Then we walked in to town, where you can get wifi access at a few places- the best is this 24 hour bakery which has a nice outdoor seating area. Then we came back for the evening work- basically we work 5 hours a day, and it varies as to when- usually for a bit in the morning, stopping for lunch and an afternoon break, and then again in the evening when it’s cooler. So today we worked from 6-9. First I watered a lot of plants and actually enjoyed how nice and relaxing it was. Mom you may say I told you so. Back story- my mom recently planted trees at home that require an annoyingly regimented 2 hour watering session and I vehemently rebel when she asks me to do it. I’ll do it now mom I promise. After, I collected figs.

The Danes had made a delicious Indian lentil dish for dinner with salad and bread- and then afterwards, we all went into the town for ouzo/hanging out. Casually standing smushed into the back of a tractor driven by Kostas’ friend that already contained a giant watering unit so there was about 2 feet to stand in. Today has been a day of precarious transportation. But you could see the stars so it was a beautiful ride, as opposed to the kindof treacherous 25 minute hilly walk. We first went to Kostas’ friend Manolis’ tavern, and then at around 12:30 all went to an ouzerie along the harbor near the port. I got to spend time talking to a few of Kostas’ friends, which was nice because talking to the locals is going to be my only Greek practice since the other people here don’t speak Greek. They all talk super fast though, which I suppose is good. At around 2:30, I walked back with the other Americans and the Danes went on Kostas’ motorbike. Somehow we beat them home and the gate was locked, so naturally we decided to go swimming. Which actually ended up being the coolest thing I have ever done- there were little bioluminescent things in the water and everywhere you moved the water would sparkle!! IT WAS SO PRETTY I now can imagine what it’d be like to be Edward Cullen. And all the stars were out and the water felt so nice and it was just so so wonderful.

I don’t know what it is with running into crazy adventures on my first night everywhere- first the panigiri in Arethousa, then the wedding in Raches, and now this late night. But I was the most okay with it tonight and I already feel super at home and happy. Look at me go!!!!! I’m getting better at this!!! I still am excited that the time is winding down and I’ll be home soon, but it’s a great place to finish up my trip. I’m very glad I didn’t do this first because I think I would have been freaking out- but now I’m used to Greek Island life, am happy to be outside, am not at all worried about getting my shiz all dirty, and can just enjoy myself. I’ve already learned a lot about life her on Lipsi. Among which that figs make you itchy and bathing suits are a social construct here. Other things too but those are the ones that stuck out the most. Major fail on making this shorter but it was a long, long day! Apologies. But overall I am content and doing well!

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