Full day number 1 (Tues. 7/24)

Today we woke up at 10 since we were all up so late, and worked from 10:30-12:30. Except for the Danes, who are magical and woke up at 8 and made bread. It smelled/tasted so wonderful! I collected more figs and picked some almonds, while standing very precariously on a ladder and tangled up in the tree branches. This trip has really been about doing things that would terrify my mother. Sorry mom!! But it means I’m exploring so be proud 🙂 Afterwards we had some leftovers from the night before for lunch which were even better cold. Le nom.

Then I walked into town to connect with the world, and ended up fbook chatting with Margaret which made me happy because I haven’t had any instantaneous conversation with any of my suitemates since before I left. Then I trekked back, thew on my bathing suit, and went to the beach. It was around 4:30 and I thought we had to be back by 5, since the plan was to work from 5-8 with the grapes which were supposed to be ready to start making wine (!!!) but I ran into the other girls at the beach who said we didn’t have to be there til 6 now. I had a bit more time to relax which was nice.

At 6 Kostas was m.i.a so after we did the daily feeding of the animals we didn’t really have much else to do so we sat and waited. He finally showed up and it turns out the grapes weren’t ready so I fed the animals, did some more watering, cleaned up some few things, and went to pick more figs. I love working at this time of night because it’s cooler and so pretty and the sun’s setting. I also had an intense bonding moment with Mama Goat, who is currently nursing the two lambs because their mom died because her stomach exploded from eating too much corn. Happens to the best of us. But actually that happens to sheep a lot. So anyway, she doesn’t really like to hold still and let them nurse so you have to physically restrain her with all your might for 5 minutes so they can get some milk and she’s always really unhappy and wiggly and it’s not pleasant. But I discovered she liked to be sang to! I was inspired by the Bon Iver playing from the kitchen while the girls were cooking so I stared into her eyes and serenaded her with some Skinny Love and I think she really liked it. Weird, weird moment in my life. But touching. She liked Rihanna less when I tried that so I let her go ramble freely.

Lydia, the American here on her own, made latkes for dinner, and I helped by making applesauce, and another girl made a salad, which was altogether a lovely meal. We also had little pear puff pastries for dessert. Then one of Kostas’ friend came over and we had some ouzo, played a couple of games, and then turned in for the night. I have taken so many pictures of cats sleeping so far and it’s only been 2 days. I should make a tumblr. But that definitely already exists. I’ve made the executive decision that I’m just going to let the grime and sweat build up and see how much lighter my skin becomes when I get home and shower. Like FOOT only with farm animals and twice as long. Slight exaggeration I will shower but only halfheartedly, it’s just not worth it because two seconds later I’m gross again. Mom and Dad you can start looking forward to smelling me in the car ride home from the airport!!

3 thoughts on “Full day number 1 (Tues. 7/24)

  1. Looking forward to inhaling your pungentness. But please do not attempt to bring goat, lambykins or kitties with you .

    Your posts are awesome and so glad your adjustment time is reducing with every new adventure. But don’t ever let yourself get so comfortable with change that you become totally blase.


    Your Daddy

  2. I really do look forward to reading your posts… they always make laugh! Glad everything has been a good experience. I thought you might like to hear alittle about the home front…. Taylor Swift has been seen walking around Mt Kisco! Enjoy the rest of your trip… love, Uncle John

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