The day off (Thurs. 7/26)

I am internally referencing that line from Sunday in the Park with George but I have a feeling it is too obscure to be noticed. Especially without sound. Anyway. As the title suggests, today was one of my days off, since we only work 5 days a week. It was a lil weird because since I’ve only been here a couple days I didn’t super feel like I needed one yet. But it was nice to get to sleep in after the ridiculousness of last night. I slowly mosied out of bed (as did everyone else despite having to work) and did some laundry. Which was not very effective because it’s difficult to hand wash out the grime but they smell a bit better now. The people who didn’t have a day off were all kinda feeling the effects of last night so work was pretttty slow in the AM.

After a bit, I went into town to go to the grocery store in order to make dinner at night and stopped at the bakery to use the internet which is flaky and frustrating. Which is why from now on I’m going to Kostas’ friend’s place to use it because it’s better here. Then I walked back, sweated profusely (hot), and did some pre-dinner prep work like chopping tomatoes and stuff. Mainly to keep myself occupied because it was like 4pm. Then I went to the beach and saw Kostas and his friend Phil there so I sat and talked to them for a bit.

I came back around 7 to make dinner- which was mainly recipes I got from the week at Diane’s. I made that Crete bruschetta-esque dish that I’m obsessed with, a Greek salad, and fava bean puree which I awkwardly topped with an attempt at soufiko. Aka just sauteed vegetables. I thought the fava would fail because I used like 500 cups of it by accident so it was taking forever, and there was no blender to make it soft and yummy, but it actually still worked and people seemed to enjoy it! And then I made sauteed nectarines in sugar/ouzo/cinnamon for dessert. It ended up being a success which was relieving because I haven’t cooked an entire real dinner flying solo in a long time.

So despite my awkward fear of free time, today was quite nice. Oh and! I finished 1984 today. I’m now borrowing On the Road from one of the other wwoofers because I, too, am on the road. Although I am not currently third wheeling a French guy and his girlfriend in SF while trying to get on a boat (spoiler alert zomg) (except not really because I’m pretty sure that’s just exposition but I’m not very far in the book) I’m enjoying it so far! Tomorrow is back to work. And then another day off Saturday. Which is awkward but whatevs.

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