Work hard/play hard (Wed. 7/25)

Sorry for the delinquency in posting- again wordpress was stupid and then I got mad and didn’t have time/drive to redo it. Life is hard. We woke up around 8 this morning, and got to work by 8:30. The goal was to get a lot done in the morning, and work less in the afternoon. I fed the animals, and then we started work on cleaning the wine room/lil house/cellar thing. We took everything out, cleaning it, washed and sanded the walls, and got it ready to whitewash. Sanding it was maybe one of the worst sounds I’ve ever heard. It was like cats violently knocking on the doors to heaven or something. But in a malicious way slash somewhere less peaceful sounding than heaven.

I did some other small tasks and then stopped at noon to help Kostas make pasta for lunch. We made something that he called “Lipsi pasta,” which was basically spaghetti in a sauce of tomatoes, onions, garlic, fresh basil/oregano, and some dried spices. Simple but delicious! Then I walked into town for my daily exercise/word connection and came back and went to the beach. I never used to really be a beach person, but the water here is so nice, and I think I’m really going to miss this when I’m back in the US. Especially at the 5pm ish time of day, when the sun isn’t too strong and you can find nice shady patches to enjoy the light breeze in. We got back to work at 7 just to feed the animals, water plants, and get a few figs. We also fixed the screen door to the side door of our room! Now we get a nice breeze. Woot.

For dinner, Kostas’ friend Phil had everyone over for a dinner and drinks party at 9. In order to get there, we fit 4 people on Kostas’ motorbike. Plus bread that the Danish girls made. I was sitting in the back and it’s most likely the most precarious situation I’ve ever been in. As well as an extreme inner thigh workout because that was the only way I was staying on. Had a lil trouble walking for a bit upon dismount. Again, sorry Mom. Phil’s house is SO amazing. It’s on the hillside overlooking the harbor and you can see pretty boats and the sunset and mountains on nearby islands. He also has a really nice rooftop terrace to sit up on. I took some pictures but I don’t think I can capture how nice it was there.

He made a delicious curry dinner, which was accompanied by that good bread. Which also helped everyone absorb the alcohol from the drinks portion of the night. Which got a lil ridic. But since future me is typing this I can confirm that I was up and totally fine the next morning despite us returning at 4am. Phil gave us a ride back though which was nice so that we didn’t all have to pile on to Kostas’ bike again. It was a nice night out and also nice to have the next day off to wake up late! Which I am psychic and knew that it would be nice heh heh heh or more likely future Abby just dropped a hint. Anyway. This is getting bizarre, so I will continue on to the next day.

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