Quasi day off (Sat. 7/28)

I was technically scheduled to have the day off today, but the plan was to whitewash the wine room, and I really wanted to do that, so I decided to work in the morning. It was a lot more difficult than I had thought, because the room is tiny and hot and kind of hard to paint. Also whitewash goes on clear so there’s no instant gratification and you have no idea where you’ve already painted. I decided it would be a really good psychological punishment for inmates or something. Which makes it sound like worse of a job than it was, but still. It was just me and Katrina, one of the Danish girls, working on it so we got to hang out and talk while doing it which was nice. And my music compilation playlist for this trip entitled “greecey greece” turned out to be a nice whitewashing soundtrack.

Afterwards, I had some lunch to recharge after our 4 hour long whitewashing session. And while washing dishes I heard the Robot Unicorn Attack song on the radio. Greece is interesting. Then I walked into town with the Boston girls who were on their day off too, and went to Manolis’ to use the internet. We also stopped by the bakery and I had a mini ice cream sandwich which was SO GOOD so I went back in and got another one. lolz. Then we walked back and went to the beach around 5pm.

Kostas primarily made dinner tonight, which was really good. He said this week has been the longest he’s gone without cooking, since all of us here have been volunteering to make dinner and such. Originally he was going to make a vegetable stirfry and apple-cinnamon glazed pork chops, and then got excited and expanded the menu. Jenna made garlic mashed potatoes, I helped with a Greek salad, and I think there may have been a couple other things too. It was a nice meal even though I was feeling reeeeally tired by like 8pm. We got to sleep lateish post-Olympics last night, and I woke up at 8:30am to whitewash, so I hadn’t gotten much sleep. The day off turned into not really being a day off, but it’s okay, I just had one on Thursday so it’s not like I super needed one. I think it’ll get rescheduled to next week which is good. Although I am super tired so hopefully I can get some sleep tonight!

One thought on “Quasi day off (Sat. 7/28)

  1. Abby, when you say you helped make a “Greek salad,” do they just call it “salad” there? Or is what we think of as a “Greek salad” actually called that?

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