Another day off (Tues. 7/31)

Today was a very important day on the Dimitris Farm- Elizabeth, our donkey, made her first official donkey noise!!! She has been trying in vein for a long, long time. It always just sounds like she’s about to die or is choking on a broken car engine. We were all extremely proud of her.

Anyway. Today I actually had the day off, which was nice. Except no one ended up really working anyway. With was nice because then I had people to hang out with. It was Jenna and Meghan’s last day of work on the farm which was sad, since they’re off tomorrow and leave Thursday. They had to pick up their ferry tickets, so I went in to town with them at around 10:30am and did the same so that I don’t have to do it Friday. We also made stops at the bakery and the post office before heading back to the farm. By that time it was the afternoon so we headed to the beach. We went to the farther one that I failingly tried to get to on Sunday. It is so worth the trek- it has long flat rocks that are shockingly comfortable and there are pretty caves and gazillions of lil fish and very clear water. Also lots of goat poop, but welcome to Greece.

Phil invited us all over to his house for a going away party for the girls, so we got changed and headed there around 8:30. Oh and! We have a new wwoofer- her name is Dorthee, and she’s a 24 year old from Luxembourg. She is very sweet and its fun to have someone new here, even though I’ll only be here a couple more days. Phil made SUCH a delicious dinner. There was chili, vegetarian chili, a bean salad, a Greek pasta salad, and bread. And 2 types of chocolate cake for dessert. Also in attendance were a ton of Norweigans that are friends of Phil, Pete, Manolis, and a middle aged Danish couple who are the most adorable beings ever and who we know from Lina and Katrina. Turns out they’re also going to be in my boat to Kos so I’m excited to have company on that ride!

It was a nice night out and was nice to have everyone together, although we missed the Danes! Tonight was definitely less crazy than the last party we had at Phil’s. Lolz. But I definitely appreciated getting home earlyish and getting some sleep. Days off are tiring.

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