Last real working day! (Weds. 8/1)

Happy August! Woooot. Also that corrected to holy August because my external keyboard has no charge so I’m struggling through without it. So a very holy August to the world as well. I woke up with a vive for working since it’s my last complete effort day, because I get to take tomorrow a lil easy for my last day here. It was Dorthee’s first full day, as well as Susan, who is now coming to move in to take Jenna/Meghan’s place. I went over to the other property with Dorthee to pick figs and gather twigs and green leafy branches for the animals. Jenny, you will appreciate that I was thinking of the Marzipan answering machine the whole time because we were picking up sticks. Mama goat got picked up today, sadly- I think for impregnation or something though. Not for murder. So she maybe will come back. But these lambies are going to have serious mommy issues when they grow up.

Meanwhile, Lydia and Susan picked figs on the main property. They’re giant green ones and are delicious. I then showed Susan how to make jam and we made a nice big batch. Sooo tasty. Then I helped Kostas make some pasta for lunch. It was a serious feast. I then got a ride with Kostas 2 (a cousin/friend of our Kostas) into town so I could check my email. Except upon getting off his bike, I burned my leg on the exhaust pipe. I didn’t realize at first but as I was walking up the hill towards Manolis’ restaurant I suddenly realized that the pain on my leg was indeed the skin basically melting before my eyes. I was hoping Manolis would be there but he wasn’t, so I just sat there with a cold towel on it. I then stopped by the pharmacy to get giant band aids while I waited for Kostas 2 to pick me up and head back to the farm.

I changed real quick and then met everyone on the beach. After a while of swimming, the top layer of dead skin came off, and it looked a bit better and I stopped wanting to vom every time I looked at my leg. I put some SPF 70 on it to not get the raw skin burnt (burnception) and tried to calm down a lil bit because I was semi concerned about being scarred for life. I headed back to the farm around 4:30, and got some help treating it with neosporin and petroleum jelly and a band aid. I then say and had a nice long conversation in Greek with Kostas which was really nice. I like getting the chance to just sit and speak in Greek. I was reading Susan’s phrase book and asking him questions as I went along. Besides being a really fantastic WWOOF host he’s also actually a really good teacher. And he speaks nice and slowly, so it’s not hard to understand him.

I then had a snack/ate my weight in figs and fig jam before the evening work. Which I suppose is better than doing that with the leftover chocolate cake. Which isn’t to say I didn’t have a piece of that as well. We just had to feed the animals and water basically. It’s super in between seasons right now, so work isn’t that bad. In the evening Kostas took us out to a taverna for Meghan and Jennah’s last night which was so kind. On the way back, Lydia and Dorthee and I stopped at Manolis’, and he gave me some nice burn cream. And also told me to keep it uncovered. Which I am skeptical about but he said he’s had a lot of really bad chef burns so I’ll believe him. I can’t believe tomorrow is my last day! It’s really bittersweet, especially since everyone’s leaving. Tomorrow morning Jennah and Meghan take the ferry out, and then I leave Friday, and Lydia on Monday. Sadness, but it’s definitely been a wonderful time here!

One thought on “Last real working day! (Weds. 8/1)

  1. Go away and pick up sticks! Or come home and pick up sticks and then visit me please.

    Also uncovered is right cause you want the heat to be able to escape. just clean it out often and the ointment will protect you from germs. Listen to me, I’ve had 2 days of med school so I’m basically a doctor now.

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