The Danes’ last day (Mon. 7/30)

We woke up earlyish today to go up to the North side of the island, where Kostas is planning the development of an eco village. We got picked up at 8 by his friend Manolis (a different one than the restaurant one) and rode in the back of his pickup truck. It was a beautiful drive through the entire island which was nice because I really haven’t been outside the area from the farm to the port. The eco village is going to be really cool- a farm/eco resort type place that’s close to the beach and totally sustainable.

We worked until noon on pruning cocoa trees and cyprus pine trees. It was a serious endeavor. Manolis and Kostas did the big branches, and then we lugged them to a pile and also snipped the little branches. We did about 8 or 9 trees, and it was pretty intense work- it was really hot, and some of the branches we were lugging to piles could have passed as individual Christmas trees. We were also all covered in cuts and scratches afterwards. When we were done, we walked down to the nearby beach which has a restaurant and devoured some Greek salad and tzatziki because we worked up a hardcore appetite. Then we went swimming until 3, when Manolis came back with his truck to get us, this time with a random goat in the back as well. Always lovely to have some goat company.

I took a rest when we got back, and Kostas’ cousin (one of the 5 billion cousins he has) brought over a giant bin of cactus fruit and cut them open for us. They’re tasty! But have really hard pomegranate-esque seeds. The evenings work was light- just some fig picking with Meghan while the other girls watered the vineyard, which we do every 3rd day. I took a glorious shower afterward and got a hilarious video of one of the goats doing circus-type jumps on the donkey while shenwas lying down. Instant classic. We have the weirdest animals. Then Meghan and Jennah made eggplant park for dinner which was so tasty. It was the danish girls’ last night so it was a lovely last dinner all together and we got to all hang out and talk. The group we have here currently has been amazing, and I’m sad that people are starting to head out. After, we headed down to the port and had a drink together at the ouzerie before their 12:30am ferry. Oh! And before we stopped at Manolis’ restaurant because he was having a birthday cake for his wife. Which was delicious and ice cream. Although eggplant parm, ice cream cake, and a beer were probably not all 3 necessary. Maybe just 2 out of 3. No regrets though.

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