Last day in Lipsi (Thurs. 8/2)

Today is my 3/4 birthday!!! I am aging like balsamic vinegar. Time flies. We got up this morning and basically just cleaned the kitchen and refrigerator really well, besides feeding the animals. Then we all took a trip into town to say goodbye to Jennah and Meghan and bring them to their boat. It was sad to see them go! But luckily they don’t live that far away at all so I’ll be able to see them again.

Afterwards, Kostas took us on a cool like that he loves to do. It’s technically a big 5 hour hike all the way across the island that leads to a monastery and a beautiful beach, but since it was basically midday and hot and walking hurts my leg, he gave us the abbreviated version by biking us to a certain point where we could hike up a bit. So it was more of a motorhike I suppose (humor me). We started walking in to town to meet him since he had gone early to run errands, but right before we got to the gigantic hill a big pick up truck stopped and asked if we wanted to get on. All in French. Good thing the other 2 girls are fluent in French because it would have gone right over my head. We climbed into the back, having no idea exactly where we were going, but figuring that it couldn’t really be anywhere other than the port. And they indeed stopped at the port and let us off! Hitchhike success.

The trip was really awesome. And he was so nice the whole time about making sure I didn’t have to walk more than was necessary. We piled 4 on the bike for the ride there (never have I ever traveled safely in Lipsi) and despite sometimes having to let one off so the bike would make it up the hill, we got there. We saw the small monastery at the base near the ocean, and then followed a path up for about 15 minutes until we got to the end which is an amazing view of the ocean, neighboring islands, and the nearby rocky cliffs. Also, the path is a concrete/stone path built by the Manolis that we pruned trees with, and it took him only 67 days to do. WIth just one other person. And it’s amazingly built and reminded me of the Great Wall of China, except Greek and with a pretty different motive.

We sat at the top and hung out for a bit, and then headed back down and went in the water. There were a bit more waves here than elsewhere, but that’s still not saying much. I found cool rocks!! One of them is white with black spots which is funny because there are cows on the beach. I didn’t see a cow but I saw a lot of cow poop. At around 2:30, we headed back to the farm and had a bite to eat. Then I walked back to town with Lydia and Dorthee, and we went to the bakery to use the internet because I really wanted to blupdate (in a perfect world that would be blog + update) and I also felt a compulsive need to have ice cream before leaving the island. Totally worth any impending stomach ache; it was deeelicious.

We scheduled to start work at 6, which turned into 6:30, so I just relaxed and read a bit. We got customers though! It was my first time taking care of customers, and it was a French couple- the woman spoke a bit of English but I really wanted to try speaking French. And it was traumatizing. I literally just cannot do it. The only thing that comes to my mind now when I try to speak French is Greek. Which I suppose is good, but no matter how hard I tried it was just not happening. Plus, in the middle, two girls from Athens came and I sold them figs super easily and successfully and in Greek. Language issues. But the French people ended up buying some jam, cheese, and olive oil, and I was proud of my sales job! Then I helped Kostas finish cleaning the wine room by sanitizing the floor with a vinegar/water mixture. Which took about 2 minutes. The room is all ready to make wine now! It’s sad that I’m just missing it, but I got to see the preparation for it. And then we had to water the vineyard, except Kostas told me to just go relax instead and enjoy my last evening, which was really nice of him. I cleaned up the dishes from giving tastes to the customers, rewrote the price list, and sat and talked with Pete who had come by.

Kostas 2 came by and cooked dinner for us, which was octopus, fish, goat, and a tomato salad. It was super late and super meaty so I was glad I had had that ice cream and some figs earlier, but it was still a really nice last dinner- Pete, Kostas 2, and an old friend of Kostas were there for dinner too. Afterwards, around 1am, I went down to the beach with Lydia, Susan, Dorthee, and Kostas to look for the bioluminescent plankton again, but we couldn’t see any because the full moon was really bright. But it was a beautiful reason not to see them, and it was amazing to sit there peacefully just soaking up my last bit of Lipsi. I’m really going to miss this tiny, sparkling island, with it’s friendly people and beautiful ocean.

Also I suck and never attached a picture of Lipsi, which would have been really, really easy and I’m just silly. But I did take one as I was walking over the hill one day and just forgot to put it up, so here! It’s looking down over the town/port. Not the best picture but it works!


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