Stage four: complete (Fri. 8/3)

I have officially departed the island of Lipsi- and I was actually really, really sad to do so. I feel like if I were to return, it would feel like coming back home. The farm met all my expectations and then some. Kostas is really, really cool, and the more you get to know him the more interesting things you find out about him. He knows so much, and can teach you anything from delicious Greek cooking to how to play backgammon. Which I didn’t learn but had really wanted to if I had more time there. I am so happy that it ended up working out that I could come to the farm- originally he had been too booked up, but then space opened up. Every wwoof experience is different, but I have a feeling I really could not have found a more wonderful, idyllic place.

I woke up around 8:30 and a few random tasks- washed my sheets, cut open some cactus fruit, packed, uploaded some pictures of the farm for Kostas, and read On the Road (big important task). Then at around 11:30, I hung out with Lydia and we made a rice stir fry thing for lunch before we all left to go down to the port. Kostas took me on one last scenic motorbike tour around the island and the others took a cab and met us there. For the Lydia fans out there- her package arrived! It was a moment of rejoicing for all involved.

So now after my boat ride (in which I slept obviously) I am in Kos and it’s big and scary and I don’t like it. Unsure what I’m going to do when I’m back somewhere like New York. So I’ve elected to sit here near the Tree of Hippocrates and drink orange juice, which I don’t even like, but so far the drinking process is going smoothly and it’s tolerable. It’s a bit frustrating being around a lot of cool historical and archaeological sites and not being able to go visit them, but it’s just way too unmanagable with my suitcase and backpack and I don’t want to risk anything. Eventually I’m going to get up and go find a bus/taxi to the airport, but my flight to Athens isn’t until 9:10pm so for now I’m just posted up. Or to use a term I recently learned, I am lamping. I learned that from the Boston girls; it means to hang around, as a lamp does.

So I ended up taking a taxi to the airport, and then realizing I was super hungry so I walked across the street to a little restaurant thing and got my last Greek salad and sat at the airport eating it. The flight was fine, and now I’m back in the Athens hotel airport for the night before heading back to the US tomorrow. This bed looks like a pre-fluff state of marshmallow. Which I guess is just a marshmallow. I am extremely excited to smush into it and get burn fester all over their nice white sheets. More excited for the first part of that though. Then tomorrow it’s back home! Wow. Really hard to believe. But so far my journey home has been going smoothly!

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