The journey home (Sat. 8/4)

Fun fact- I showered this morning! It was marvelous. And warm. And I used soap. The last two aspects of that have not occurred in quite some time. Although I actually really enjoyed the cold showers on the farm. The bed was indeed lovely, and I slept for a nice long time.

I got to the airport a few hours early, paced around a bit, actually got lost (why on earth would you build and up escalator and no down escalator to accompany it) and then mosied to my gate. Where I ran into a girl from Yale! She was in L1/L2 Greek last year, so I would run into her sometimes between our classes. It was cute. My brother had an unused transatlantic upgrade so he managed to get me upgraded to first class which was SO appreciated for the long flight. Cue Fergie. Also I was sitting next to a famous football player which made it even classier. I’ve never flown first class before so it was exciting.

Transferring in Philly took actually 5 billion hours between passport control/rechecking bag/security/going to a far away terminal. Although I suppose after 11 hours of sitting down walking for 30 minutes probably is not the worst thing that could have been inflicted upon me. I also had to go to the agricultural screening section because goats. Where they basically just asked me if my shoes were clean. My main concern was that they would take away the apple I took from the plane but luckily it survived! My plane ended up being delayed because they had to wait for the crew. Which I heard over the loudspeaker as “food” and I was unnecessarily enraged because I had consumed the above mentioned apple, wasn’t hungry, and wanted to get home. Although it later made sense that we were waiting because I think a pilot is probs top 5 in necessities for flight.

Instead of taking off at 6:10 it was more like 7:40, but it was a short flight so it was okay. Mommy and Daddy were waiting happily for me and we drove home, and the jet lag hit me approx 8 minutes from home so I got super tired. And then the tummy lag hit me approx 5 minutes from home so I got super hungry. Ergo I was a cranky camper slightly. But I had a little snack and some tea when I got home so now all is well gastronomically and emotionally. And it is now 11pm on a Saturday night which could only mean one thing- bedtime. Acceptable because my innards think it’s 6am. Also because traveling is TAXING wow. But I’m home! Yay!! Granting myself a pat on the back for pulling this thing off. Will post ending thoughts tomorrow but now it’s time to reunite with piggy and zZz!

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