The day off (Thurs. 7/26)

I am internally referencing that line from Sunday in the Park with George but I have a feeling it is too obscure to be noticed. Especially without sound. Anyway. As the title suggests, today was one of my days off, since we only work 5 days a week. It was a lil weird because since … Continue reading

Work hard/play hard (Wed. 7/25)

Sorry for the delinquency in posting- again wordpress was stupid and then I got mad and didn’t have time/drive to redo it. Life is hard. We woke up around 8 this morning, and got to work by 8:30. The goal was to get a lot done in the morning, and work less in the afternoon. … Continue reading

Full day number 1 (Tues. 7/24)

Today we woke up at 10 since we were all up so late, and worked from 10:30-12:30. Except for the Danes, who are magical and woke up at 8 and made bread. It smelled/tasted so wonderful! I collected more figs and picked some almonds, while standing very precariously on a ladder and tangled up in … Continue reading

In Lipsi!

I just had a giant post type up ready to go but wordpress crashed on me and deleted it mrrrrrgh but I am fine and happy and the farm is cute and there are chickens and goats and the water is approx 45 second walk away and I am already having a great time and … Continue reading

Stage three: complete (Sun. 7/22)

I am realizing that between Turkey and Greece, no matter what I do my life decisions always lead me back to a Thanksgiving dinner. Anyway. Today’s original plan was to wake up early, have breakfast with Jenny who had to be at the airport by 9, and go see a cool palace. However, i was … Continue reading

Back to Istanbul (Sat. 7/21)

We woke up pretty leisurely this morning, had breakfast, and then walked down the street to a giant farmers market which was so fascinating. They had all types of vegetables and spices and other noms and everything was so fresh looking. There were peaches on peaches on peaches and they are soo tasty currently. Although … Continue reading

Ephesus! (Fri. 7/20)

Today we woke up early ish so that we could get a nice start on the day- we were going to drive out and see the ancient city of Ephesus! We decided to rent a guide for the day, or as I like to call it knowledge prostitution, to help show us around. She was … Continue reading

A relaxing day (Thurs. 7/19)

We woke up so nice and late this morning! Breakfast is served from 9-11:30 so you know that you’re supposed to sleep late. We sat on comfy chairs near the pool and they brought us bread, cherries, cheese, butter topped with honey, and a tomato salad. A classifiable brunch rather than breakfast. But it was … Continue reading

Travelling southbound (Wed. 7/18)

We still had half a day left in Istanbul before our flight down to Izmir, so we woke up, breakfasted, finished getting our bags together, and headed off. We went to Beyoglu, the modern part that we were going to go to last night but didn’t. It’s full of stores and restaurants and such, and … Continue reading