The Panigiri last night was actually a lot of fun- it’s an amazing cultural sight. We ended up getting back around 3 in the morning, but I wasn’t as tired as the one last week so it was okay. We had wine from big litre water bottle looking things which is super strong, so you have to watch out a lil. We got to dance, which was awesome, but so so tiring. I’m quasi sore today from it. Haha one dance can go for 20 minutes sometimes! When I have more patience with the internet I’ll find a video to show the dancing. I also don’t understand how, but Greeks really must never go to the bathroom because I can NEVER find one. Vilda (the Norwegian girl whose my age) and I literally had to go already just from the drive over (more bladder stories hi) and so we found a nice bush for current and future purposes. We got to bond through that, and our mutual desire to marry a Greek boy, and she told me about a huge Norwegian party bus tradition that sounds both insane and terrifying. But it was cool to hear about.

I didn’t do much today besides the supermarket trip, learn about toilet paper, take a nap, do hw, and go to class, so instead I will post some pictures!! They are few and limited, because they’re from the range of where I take the iPad which is nowhere, but still. Oh, I did go for a walk (more like slow jog, woman BOOKED it) with Anna up the hill to the village square and back around 9. It was nice to have some 1-on-1 conversation time with a fellow American and good to move around a bit. Anyway, pictures!

Here is the circle at the top of the school area where we had the dancing lesson (also we saw the dance instructor at the supermarket, small world) which is a lovely place. It overlooks the sea as you can see (!!!!! homonyms r fun), so we got to see the sunset during the lesson. Which I don’t remember if I stated before but it’s relevant now.


Here is me being smiley! And squinty! (selfies r fun)


Here is a picture of one of my sheets from class- we get stamps and it is so fun!! (stamps r fun) This one is an ambiguous mermaid emerging from a tree trunk. That is not what The Little Mermaid taught me about the life and styles of mermaids, but I suppose it’s possible. My favorite stamp is a little dog and it is le cute. He was less photogenic though so here are the mermaid stamps, which I’m realizing are actually also really hard to see, my apologies-


That’s all I have for now! Minor level of interestingness, (that’s apparently actually a word, I’m not getting a red underline) but it’s better than more bladder stories.

2 thoughts on “Pictures!!!!

  1. Abigail, you’re going in the right direction. Greece is beautiful and you look terrific! I love you. Beanie

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