Back to Istanbul (Sat. 7/21)

We woke up pretty leisurely this morning, had breakfast, and then walked down the street to a giant farmers market which was so fascinating. They had all types of vegetables and spices and other noms and everything was so fresh looking. There were peaches on peaches on peaches and they are soo tasty currently. Although I can’t eat one without covering myself in peach juice so now my clothing is all much dirtier than it even already was. But smells like peach! So it’s acceptable. We got some tomatoes, grapes, cherries, bread and peaches to picnic on later. Then we drove out to a beach or two, decided the hotel pool was much nicer, and drove back. That was a very good decision in my opinion- the water is nice, it’s quiet and relaxing, and they bring you free lemonade. We picnic lunched before showering and packing up and then checking out at 3.

Our flight back to Istanbul/the Europe part of Turkey wasn’t until 9pm, so we had some time to kill. We drove to Cesme, a nearby city, but it wasn’t super interesting and we didn’t want to park the luggage-filled car and walk around. So we ended up just driving to the airport, getting there around 6pm. The intelligent thing to do would have been to get on an earlier flight because there were a bunch to Istanbul, but between the 4 of us somehow this solution was not reached. So we sat and waited and I nommed a small child-worth of that really good farmers market bread. And on the airplane they gave us more food which was tasty- Turkish air gives meals at any time of the day I am realizing. Even on 45 minute flights. American airline companies, take note.

When we landed we had to go over to the international terminal to get the shuttle to the nearby airport hotel, but it turned out it wasn’t coming for another hour so we just took a cab. There’s a big party atmosphere ish for Ramadan it seems. Unless they wild out like this in random neighborhoods every night. The hotel is large and tall and European. It’s the type of place where I’d imagine they would have the Potsdam conference if it were in this day and age. They have a mini book of fun things to do in Istanbul and some of the pages have prime translations. Here’s one for having a “raki conversation,” aka meeting someone for a drink (raki is their version ish of ouzo) which is particularly good: “First order your side dishes and icy raki with a salad which is especially rich in rockets. If you have a friend with you to hit your glasses with and chat, nothing can be compared to this unique moment in this mortal world. While eating your side dishes and chatting at the same time, do not forget to order your fish which should be selected according to the season.” Golden.

Then we facetimed with Sam and Mariah and Aviva and she is so cute!!! She’s getting cuter every day it seems. Taking after her aunt amiright heh heh (jklolz) and she is smiling and making noises and doing other baby-like things. I miss her a lot and am definitely excited to go see her when I get home! Sam and Mariah I miss guys too, but you are probably less fun to play peek-a-boo with. No offense.

Now it is bedtime and this bed is like a mountain of cotton candy in the land of Oz and I am so excited to zzz in it. Also it has euro pillows. If I was unsure before about which continent I’m in, I now know for sure.

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