Moussaka lesson #2 (Fri. 7/27)

This morning’s work was not at the farm, but instead at Kostas’ friend Manolis’ restaurant to teach us how to make moussaka! We were filming it to make a nice lil promotional vid for each of their websites. We came bright and early at 9, after just feeding the animals. It was really interesting to see another person make moussaka (vs. Diane’s at the cooking school) to see the differences. He fried the vegetables instead of roasting them, and his layers of meat and bechamel were a bit thicker. But generally it’s the same. It took all morning because there are a bunch of steps and we were also making a giant pan for him to sell at his restaurant later. Which is cool to think about! So we ended up leaving around 2pm ish.

When we got back we noticed that one of the goats had escaped. Meghan had to chase it back into the gated area. Slightly humorous but also realizing that the goats are slight devil spawn. I went to the beach, swam which felt really lovely after the walk back from Manolis’, and then got back at 6 for the evenings work. Which got pushed back to 7/7:30. So I took a shower and am marveling in how nice it feels to have shampooed hair. And then I spotted another escapee goat which I herded back into it’s area. These goats have some intense free spirits. We just watered/fed animals/picked some weeds for animal food and picked figs because the original plan was to whitewash but we decided to wait on that. Also for some reason every single person in Lipsi decided to drop by Kostas’ for something or another, but he was out, so I got to talk to a lot of people in Greek which is good to do.

After work we gloriously impregnated ourselves with moussaka and a salad that had lettuce (!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it was my 5 week anniversary of not having lettuce I miss it so much) then we went over to Phil’s house to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Slash slightly invited ourselves over because no one knew where it would be showing in town but whatevs. It was fun to watch all together with Americans, Danish people, and someone originally from the UK (Phil) all while sitting in Greece. It would have made a bit more sense if the commentators were speaking English but it was still epic to watch. And watching the athletes walk in was cool, while trying to pick out details from the commentary, which was good for language comprehension. Also for number comprehension because that’s basically 87% of what they were saying. Since it’s 2 hours later than England here it got pretty late and we were soo tired, but wanted to wait for America, so we peaced right after they walked out. The walk back was lovely because it was all downhill, and there are no streetlights, and there were a lot of shooting stars.

I’m technically off tomorrow but I really want to whitewash so I think I’m gonna get up anyway and help do that. But then lounge in the afternoon because moving around is overrated.

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